Torch & Flashlights

  • infinity x1 dual power rechargeable flashlight 5000 lumens infinity x1 dual power rechargeable flashlight 5000 lumens

    Condition: New Infinity X1 Dual Power Rechargeable Flashlight 5000 Lumens

    Infinity X1 Dual Power Rechargeable Flashlight 5000 LumensDual power - rechargeable & dry cell powerFocusing beam - wide to narrow beamModes high, medium, lowHigh-quality recyclable packagingPower level indicatorAircraft grade aluminiumRemovable two battery cartridges included2 USB C ports. USB in/USB out5000 lumensReplaceable rechargeable battery


  • ep 360 led work light and spotlight trifold 4000 lumens ep 360 led work light and spotlight trifold 4000 lumens

    Condition: New eP 360 LED Work light and Spotlight Trifold 4000 Lumens

    eP 360 LED Work light and Spotlight Trifold 4000 LumensThis eP 360 Led Worklight & Spotlight Trifold 4000 Lumens is the ideal work companion for the tradesman. It is ideal for use as an emergency light, for outdoor use, or for construction and restoration projects where sufficient light is needed. It comes with a 4000 lumens work light and spotlight, with a brightness control up from 500 to 4000 LMS. The battery charge level indicator LED bars make it easy to know when to charge up the unit. Other features include: a folding metal hook, a standard camera tripod threaded hole, a rubberised bumper guard bezel, a USB charging input port and a USB output port. The runtime at low intensity is 8 hours and 2 hours at high intensity. The internal Battery Capacity and Charge Time for Lithium-ion (4 x 1800 mAh) is 6 hours.


  • perfect image spotlight marine led recharge 550lum perfect image spotlight marine led recharge 550lum


    Description 5 Watt CREE LED Modes: High – up to 550 lumens / Low – up to 280 lumens / SOS – up to 450 lumens Run time: High – up to 7hrs / Low – up to 11hrs / SOS – up to 24 hrs Beam distance: High – up to 500m / Low – up to 350m / SOS – up to 400m Water resistant: IP67 240V AC charger and 12VDC chargers included Direct 12VDC socket for continuous operation Charge Times Before first use,charge the battery pack using either the 100-240 Volt AC Charger/Adapter or 12-Volt DC Charger / Adapter. Charging will take approximately 8 hours as indicated below. Red LED charging indicator will turn green within 5~6 Hours. Then the unit will go into trickle charging mode for another 1~2 Hours. The unit will take approx 8 hours to fully charge. When storing unit fully charge. Overcharge Protection circuit built in


  • perfect image high power zoom torch blue


    Description Maximum output of 300 lumens High powered super bright XPE2 CREE LED Unique lens 50 to 300 meters zoom function IP 67 water resistant rating Uses 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (included) Heavy duty pouch included Up to 20 hour battery life


  • perfect image colapsible mini lantern 2


    Description Perfect Image Cob Lantern Mini Collapsible 260 Lumens Features: LED Up to 260 lumens output Runs on 3 x AA Alkaline batteries (included) Unique collapsible and compact design Magnetic base in-built carrying handle


  • perfect image high power zoom torch black


    Description 180 lumens high output High powered super bright Q3 CREE LED Unique lens 50 to 300 meters zoom function Water resistant Heavy duty pouch included


  • perfect image spotlight marine led recharge 1500lu


    Description Up to 380 meters distance, 12 & 240v chargers. Rechargeable Waterproof Floating marine spotlight 3 X 5 watt T5 CREE LED Run time High 6 hours / Low 10 hours /SOS 24 hours Shatter proof polycarbonate lens High /Low /SOS trigger switch Rubberised lens protector Rubber grip handle/Wrist strap included IP67 up to 1 meter Comes with 240 Volt AC & 12Volt DC Car Charger Take approximately 15 hours to fully charge and the charge indicator turns off ata about 9-11 hours. The last hours for charging proceed at a trickle charge. Features a built in overcharge protection circuit.


  • perfect image headlamp 180 lumens 3xaaa


    Description 3 Watt COB LED Modes: High – up to 180 lumens / Low – up to 60 lumens / Strobe – up to 180 lumens Run time: High – up to 4-6hrs / Low – up to 6-8hrs / Strobe – up to 6-8hrs Beam distance: High – up to 50m / Low – up to 30m / Strobe – up to 30m Water resistant: IPX6 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries included


  • perfect image h lamp 230 lumens usb rechble


    Description 5 Watt CREE LED (1+2 RED LED’S) Rechargeable Li-ion battery 1200mAh Modes: High – up to 230 lumens / Medium – up to 110 lumens / Low – up to 30 lumens / SOS & RED LED (Night vision) Run time: High – up to 3hrs / Medium – up to 8hrs / Low – up to 16hrs Beam distance: High – up to 75m / Medium – up to 58m / Low – up to 30m Water resistant: IP66


  • prefect image high power torch titanuim


    Description 170 lumens high output High powered super bright Q3 CREE LED Unique lens 50 to 300 meters zoom function Water resistant Uses 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (included) Heavy duty pouch included Housing colour: Titanium Grey


  • perfect image headlamp led lamp 2


    Description Features – Compact 3 LED rubber Headlamp – 3 High performance LED’s – 3 modes: 1 LED on, 3 LED on, 3 LED Flashing – Adjustable Head strap – 2 x CR2032 Batteries(included) – Battery life: 1 LED up to 50 hours / 3 LED’s up to 20 hours / Flashing up to 30 hours.


  • luminaid packlite spectra usb solar lantern


    Description LuminAID solar-powered inflatable lanterns are ultralight, incredibly durable and rechargeable “on-the-go”, make them idea for boating, fishing, camping and outdoor activities as well as in emergencies. Based on LuminAID patented technology, the solar lights feature an inflatable transparent bladder that diffuses the solar-charged LED light. They are long-lasting, wasterproof to IP67 and can float, 100% PVC and phthalate-free, weight no more than 141 grams and are easily collapsible. The PackLite Spectra USB is a fun, color-changing, solar-powered light. When fully charged, it provides up to 12 hours of LED light depending on the color mode chosen. It has 9 color modes, including a white LED mode, and a multi-color rainbow fade mode. The PackLite Spectra USB twists into a compact, portable size that is easy to charge on-the-go. It’s waterproof and can float, so it can come with you wherever the party is! Charge outside in direct sun for 10 hours or by micro USB input in 1-2 hours. Features Weight: 141 grams Size: 12 cm2 High efficiency solar panel charger in overcast weather as well as USB input, supplied with USB cable. USB charge 1-2 hours Charging time: 10hour Max run time up to 24 hours Setting: 9 colour modes, incdicator and red led charging indicator. 4-LED battery level indicator 10000+ lifetime hours of rechargeable battery Adjustable handle to attach it inside a tent or strap to a pack. Lumens not measured for coloured light settings Technical Information: Push button switch for 9 modes. Includes 7 distinct color modes, a white LED mode, and multi-color fade Lasts 3-12 hours when battery is fully charged. Color modes vary in run time. Recharges in approximately 10 hours of direct outdoor sunlight or 1-2 hours by USB input Lithium-Polymer Ion battery with hundreds of recharge cycles Weight: 5 oz Dimensions approximately: 4.75″ W x 4.75″ L X 1″ H (flat) / 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 4.75″ (inflated) Waterproof up to 1 meter deep and can float (IP67) Product is 100% PVC-free and all components are lead-free and RoHs compliant


  • led lenser p5r 2 rechargeable


    Description Longer, lighter, more powerful. Measuring 117 mm, the P5R.2 is admittedly somewhat bigger that its sister (the P5.2). On the other hand it’s slightly lighter and definitely more powerful. The reason is its lithium-ion battery, helping it to run for 12 hours1. The light can be charged simply using the Floating Charge System. It has three light functions and can fit in a shirt or trouser pocket.


  • led lenser frogman d14 2

    Condition: New LED LENSER FROGMAN D14.2

    Description Ledlenser Frogman D14.2 Light up your underwater world with the Frogman D14.2. It produces an amazing 400 lumens of light and has a water resistance rating of IPX8 (waterproof to a depth of 60 meters). This popular and reliable dive buddy has an electromagnetic switch which not only makes it easy to operate when you’re on your dive, it is designed to suit both left and right hand users. The D14.2 has two power modes giving you the option of longer life or a stronger light source. Features: Two brightness modes – Power / Low PowerTo suit each dive situation Contactless Magnetic SwitchReliability in and out of the water Suitable for left and right handed usersEase of use for everyone Waterproof to 60 mGreat for diving Shock and impact resistant bodyBuilt tough to withstand knocks Adjustable wrist lanyardAvoid dropping torch while diving Specifications: Brightness (High) 400 lumens Brightness (Low) 60 lumens Beam Range (High) 200m (over water) Beam Range (Low) 80m (over water) Burn Time (High) 2 hours Burn Time (Low) 15 hours Water resistance IPX8 Weight 233g Length 161mm Diameter (head) 42mm Batteries 4 x AA (included)


  • led lenser m3r torch

    Condition: New LED LENSER M3R TORCH

    Description The M3R is a rechargeable torch that is tiny is size (weighing only 45g and less than 10 cm long) but big on brightness. With 220 lumens of light and with a beam range of 130 metres, it produces a performance comparable to torches many times larger. The M3R incorporates Ledlenser’s patented Advanced Focus System which allows seamless transition from floodlight to focused beam and also has Smart Light Technology with3 light functions (high power, low power and defence strobe). With easy recharging via USB and a low battery warning system, the M3R is technological dynamite in a compact package. For ultimate versatility, the M3R also operates on a standard AAA battery. Covered by Ledlenser’s 5 year warranty. Comes with: pocket/belt clip charge station 4 x AAA Li-ion rechargeable battery and USB


  • ledlenser mh10 headlamp 2

    Condition: New LEDLENSER MH10 HEADLAMP

    Description A radiant head is preferable to a shiny forehead. The MH10 is the lightest Ledlenser headlamp of its brightness levels. It is equipped with a red taillight as well as color filters for various different uses. And its USB 3.0 charging system offers an international standard for comfortably charging your Ledlenser. Perfect for hunters, fishers, hikers and everyone who is looking for extremes outside


  • ledlenser mt6 torch 2 ledlenser mt6 torch 2

    Condition: New LEDLENSER MT6 TORCH

    Description For big adventures and small purses. This flashlight is the ideal accompanyment for every hunting, fishing and camping trip. It can be regularly operated with rechargable or non-rechargable AA batteries. Special feature: Its battery status indicator shows you the current power levels and warns you when you’re out, if the juice is about to run out. You can therefore react in plenty of time and very easily a new battery.


  • ledlenser mt14 torch

    Condition: New LEDLENSER MT14 TORCH

    Description High scope means high endurance. The light illuminates the darkest forest. The battery lasts for the longest camping, hunting or fishing trip. The MT14 also sits particularly well in your hand and the front switch allows it to be easily used with one hand. Charging it via USB 3.0 is also easy. Thanks to its quick charge feature, you save a huge amount of time.


  • dorcy led lantern 6v waterproof floats


    Description The Dorcy 6 Volt Floating LED Lantern features heavy duty, durable construction, waterproof design, and floatability. With 70 lumens of output power, this lantern provides 50 hours of run time on a single 6 volt battery. A great feeling, unique, and compact design adds to this item’s appeal. The 6 Volt Floating Lantern comes complete with a 6 volt battery. Available in assorted colors – yellow, red, and blue. (41-2081) PRODUCT FEATURES Waterproof and floats. Comes in assorted colors. Compact design. Durable construction.


  • korr 5 bar led camping kit org wht


    Description Orange LED Light is perfect for reducing the attraction of insects With the ever expanding industry of LED lighting, the need for a dual colour LED light bar that is specifically designed to reduce the attraction of insects is needed more than ever. You now have the option of changing your lightbar to orange to reduce bugs around your campsite. Your dual colour light bar is still able to provide brilliant white light for cooking and lighting up your campsite. We have designed this kit carefully and added two of these dual colour orange/white light bars to be used outside where you are affected mostly by insects at night. Installation is a breeze so you can install it yourself. The quick connectors ensure easy connection between other LED products, batteries and cables. This product is dimmable using a Korr® dual colour dimmer switch. Due to its aluminium casing and fully waterproof (IP68) LEDs, the rigid bar light is extremely tough. Our cables are design to eliminate voltage drop issues as they are heavy duty double insulated cables so you get no voltage drop over the long lengths which results in brighter bars. All cables come standard with Waterproof locking connectors, this stops them coming apart and any water issues affecting them. Our Splitter cables are built using a heavy duty 5 amp in and out spliiter cable. 5 BAR KIT CONTENTS 2 x 48cm High Powered Orange/White LED bars 3 x 48cm High Powered White LED bars 1 x Orange / White Dimmer Switch 1 x White Dimmer Switch 1 x Cigarette adaptor with 3m lead 1 x Battery Terminal Clamps to female Cigarette adaptor 2 x 5m Extension Leads 1 x 3.5m Extension Lead 2 x 2.5m Extension Leads 2 x 3m Orange / White leads 1 x 4-Way Splitter 1 x 2-Way Orange / White Splitter 1 x Standard On/Off switch 8 x Velcro wraps for mounting 20 x Zip-Ties for mounting 1 x Carry Case FEATURES – Massive 2750 Total Lumens – Draw per bar 0.2 amps-0.6 amps/2w-7w based on dimmed down to full power – 5 Year warranty – Works with the other KORR® products – Very durable and Impact and vibration resistant – Water proof (IP68) excluding dimmer – Long Life 50,000 hrs – Low voltage and little heat – Will not interfere with any video or audio system nearby – Has CE and FC approvals – DIY install, no electrician required – Never have to cook before it gets dark – No hot elements from gas lamps


  • led bullet torch

    Condition: New LED BULLET TORCH

    Description Shaped like a high calibre bullet Bright, 9 LEDs 3 x AAA batteries Perfect gift for any avid hunter


  • waterproof rechargeable led spotlight


    Description Rechargeable 5 Watt Cree (XMLB T6 CREE LED) Waterproof Spotlight Internal Lithium Ion Battery. Up to 400 lumens and 441 meters distance Run time High 7 hours high / Low 11 hours /SOS 24 hours High / Low / SOS Trigger Switch Rubber grip handle / Wrist strap included Shatter proof polycarbonate lens Rubberised lens protector IP67 WaterProof up to 1 meter Comes with 100V-240V AC adapter & 12Volt DC Car Charger WHATS IN THE BOX Perfect Image HHSPT-400R Rechargeable LED WaterProof SpotLight 240 Volt AC Wall Charger 12 Volt DC Vehicle Charge


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