Robotic Toys

  • drone home drone home

    Condition: New DRONE HOME

    Features a real flying DRONE!Race to launch your aliens down the ramps and land inside the drone!There's a delay once you make it in, so others can knock you out! If you stay in, your alien escapes when the drone lifts off, and you're one step closer to winning!Get rid of all your aliens first to win! It's fast-paced fun for the whole family! Requires 4AAA batteries, not included. 2 to 4 players, suitable from Ages 6+


  • ecobot ecobot

    Condition: New ECOBOT

    Ecobot the vacuum and vibrating robotThis great little robot is easy and entertaining to build from scratch.Equipped with a dual-axis electric motor to which an extender shaft and fan are attached, this little robot can dislodge and suck up small debris such as dust and crumbs.Thanks to the illustrated manual and extensive scientific information, this kit provides that first step into the world of robotics. Assemble a real vacuum cleaner robot, observe how vibration is generated and discover how suction fans work!Produced in Italy and made under license from the Science MuseumSuitable for 8yrs +Box size: 27.6 x 18.8 x 6cm


  • cyber talk robot cyber talk robot

    Condition: New Cyber Talk Robot

    For technology fans, this is an incredible scientific kit designed to make a robot with 7 play modes for hours and hours of fun! Download the free app on a smartphone or tablet and programme the robot with block-based programming, entering conditions, actions, cycles and procedures. Record voice messages, change them by applying different effects and sound filters and then transmit them to the robot. You can get him to reproduce them whenever you want! The Robot’s microphone is also perfect for walkie-talkie games and you can chat with your friends from a distance! And with the paper-based programmer, there are command sequences to be created using the cards with QR codes which can be read by the app with augmented reality. Item package quantity: 1 Age target: 8+ Box size (LxPxA): 45.1 x 31.1 x 7 cm Weight: 240 gr Batteries needed: NO


  • science museum robotics mio the robot science museum robotics mio the robot

    Condition: New Science Museum: ROBOTICS Mio the Robot

    Thanks to two infrared sensors, the new Mio Robot can avoid obstacles and follow your hand like a real bloodhound. You can use the microphone to command it by simply clapping your hands, while the push-button panel on the robot's back can be used to programme its route. The free app has two play sections: coding, to learn the principles of block-based programming, and real-time, to control movements, sounds, and light effects. STEM learning stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. It is a comprehensive, holistic approach to modern learning. STEM learning encourages kids to explore their world with experimentation, hands-on learning and critical thinking skills. This interdisciplinary approach to learning and playing is an effective way for kids to get engaged in these subjects early on in life, inspiring tomorrow’s leaders Suitable for Ages 8 - 12+ years. Age target: 8 - 12+ yrs Box size (LxPxA): 45.1 x 7 x 31.1 cm. Weight: 1.06 Kilograms Batteries needed: Yes


  • science play robotics rolling bot science play robotics rolling bot

    Condition: New Science & Play: ROBOTICS Rolling Bot

    Simply adorable with its funny looks, the panda robot moves by doing somersaults like in real life! An animal robot that can be assembled for an unrivalled play experience. A comprehensive play experience: from the construction stage to direct interaction, a magical adventure in the robotics world. Ideal for developing manual skills, logical abilities, and imagination. A robot inspired by the animal world introduces children to robotics in an original way. The panda performs the somersault while showing the mechanical interaction behind this action. An exclusive and engaging experience allows the child to interact with the assembled construction, making the game’s progress fun for children and adults alike. Standing nearly 25 cm tall, the robot reproduces the panda’s movement with the amusing clumsiness of this animal. The animal world was chosen to let children observe simple mechanical interactions. The motor allows the panda to do repeated somersaults in a succession of automatic movements. The rotary movement enables it to “bounce” on walls and change direction. During this process, the child is captured by fun yet engaging play sequence, enabling them to observe how a specific type of motor works. Once it has been built, the panda can be placed on its upper limbs and pushed gently to see it roll once, twice, thrice...countless times!


  • bubble smart robot bubble smart robot

    Condition: New Bubble (Smart Robot)

    Bubble is the new smart robot that introduces the child to drawing and coding in an intuitive and fun way through drawing. To draw with Bubble, simply press the points on the keyboard: the sequence of the selected keys will form the drawing that the robot will then be able to draw on paper. The cards included in the game will help the child with the initial programming steps, but there are countless combinations to draw! The free app contains an area to invent new drawings for Bubble to make besides a fun tangram-style activity. The fun is guaranteed also thanks to a second play mode in which Bubble moves in an amusing way and reacts to strong sounds and blows, for an intuitive and fun game! Suitable for ages 6+ Go to the "App" Store to download the free app of the Clementoni Bubble robot. The app is divided into two areas: DRAW and TANGRAM. In the DRAW area you can practice creating and saving your drawing projects which you can then replicate through the robot. In the TANGRAM area you must compose the figures, which you can then send to BUBBLE so that the robot can draw them."


  • science museum jumping bot science museum jumping bot

    Condition: New Science Museum: JUMPING BOT

    A fantastic robot shaped like a jumping frog to have fun and leap into the world of robotics!A robot to be assembled, with a motor that, if activated, makes the robot actually leap!The eye of the jumping bot is a gear that, when rotates, makes a fun spiral-shaped optical effect.


  • science museum robotics walking bot science museum robotics walking bot

    Condition: New Science Museum: ROBOTICS Walking Bot

    Walking BotA science kit to build a lovable little robot in a simple and fun way!Contains 40 pieces all to be assembled to bring a little robot to life. A twin-axle motor operates through various gears, enabling the robot to walk.With its moving joints, the little robot actually moves and walks like a real bionic four-legged friend!The illustrated manual is full of scientific information to guide the child in assembling the robot and give an introduction to the world of robotics.Made under licence from the Science Museum.Suitable for 8yrs +Box size: 27.6 x 18.8 x 6cm


  • science play robotics slither bot science play robotics slither bot

    Condition: New Science & Play: ROBOTICS Slither Bot

    The snake, an animal that has always fascinated people because of the fear it inspires, turns into a robot that moves as if it were real. The snake is 40 cm long! This robot snake inspired by the animal world, introduces children to robotics in a fun and intelligent way. It faithfully replicates the sinuous movement of the snake, arousing the child’s amazement. An exclusive and engaging experience that allows the child to interact with the assembled construction, creating fun for children and adults alike. After attaching the 12 upper segments to the lower segments, simply switch the robot on to see it move and let the adventure start. The robot will start moving around the child and reaching into small spaces and corners, like a real snake. You will not resist playing terrible jokes with friends! The motor has a reducer that makes the connecting rod move once to the right and once to the left. In this way, the animal moves forward smoothly with a sinuous and realistic movement. The robot’s modular structure recreates some perfectly realistic coils, just like those of a real snake. Develops manual skills, logical abilities and imagination.


  • mini gyro mini gyro

    Condition: New MINI GYRO

    Operate gravity-defying Gyro Robots using a ripcord. No batteries!Conduct experiments and make different models using the Gyroscope and Flywheel.Discover how the configuration of the Gyroscope and the Flywheel work.Challenge yourself by making the Rip Cord Gyrobot walk on the track.Learn physics including rotational motion, angular momentum, the moment of inertia, and friction.Gyroscope force is a fascinating and magical phenomenon. With this small fast spinning Gyro you can make experiments with objects that are able to defy the force of gravity by standing upright although common sense tells that they can’t?Pull the Rib Cord and the magic begins!You can build Robots that are holding balance like a SToysegway, but just on one wheel. You can build a cool robot that is able to drive on 2 wheels on a thin track without falling down.The lower part of the cool robot is a Flywheel and this one can work on its own as well. The Flywheel is a fast rotating weight wheel that stores rotational energy that can drive the gearwheels and make the model move.Different models can be built using this function, like a motorbike, a space car, a trike etc.When you combine the 2 motors you can have a very cool robot that drives and balances on a track and you can make stunts like on skateboard or parkour.This kit offers great learning in rotational powers that is basic science.Suitable for Ages 8 years +Science & Nature


  • ir remote control advanced 151 pc set


    - 20 models to assemble: robot, race car, crane bulldozer etc.- Infrared-operated technology- Infrared and touch-sensitive remote control with 6 keys allows you to control the machines’ movements and direction- 3 electric motors and full colour inst


  • science play fun slime robot science play fun slime robot

    Condition: New Science & Play: FUN Slime Robot

    An amazing robot to be assembled with a disgusting gloopy brain! Put water and one of the 3 coloured powders inside the head, then watch it mix the substances and create your slime! The Slime Bot features a motor with an axle connected to a spinning blade which will also cause a sieve to rotate, mixing the slime! But there is yet more to come! The Slime Bot motor has been fitted with an eccentric, which makes it vibrate from head to toe! As the Slime Bot walks, its rubbery tentacles move, too, making the game even more fun! Suitable for ages 10+. Box dimensions 28 x 24.5 x 8.5 cm (1 kg)


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