Docking & Anchoring

  • Condition: New Telescopic Boat Hooks

    Description These telescopic boat hooks, available in two sizes, offer great reach when and collapse easily when stored Bright-dipped 30mm alloy shaft Rubber hand grips Easy to fit in a kit bag High strength polypropylene hook Features a blunt head


  • Condition: New Fixed Boat Hooks

    Description Our fixed boat hooks are made from durable allow and marine-grade polypropylene, and are available in two sizes. Bright-dipped 25mm alloy shaft Rubber hand grips High strength polypropylene hook Features a blunt head


  • maxwell anchor connecting swivel 6 9mm ss


    Description The use of a swivel and joining shackle to join your anchor and rode will greatly improve anchor retrieval and help ensure that the rode lays neatly into your anchor locker. Thus, they are highly recommended for use with Maxwell’s automatic rope/chain series windlasses. Two sizes (6 mm – 8 mm/1/4” – 5/16” and 10 mm – 13 mm/3/8” – 1/2”) are available to suit vessels up to 20 metres (65 feet). These robust single swivel anchor connectors, with captured pins, will not loosen under load and pull smoothly and easily over bow rollers. Note: Joining the swivel directly to the anchor is not recommended.


  • shackle dee s steel 6mm

    Condition: New SHACKLE DEE S/STEEL

    Description Stainless Steel Dee Shackle. Available in 6mm, 8mm & 10mm


  • anchor kewene no 1a 2 25kg6lb

    Condition: New ANCHOR KEWENE

    Description The Kewene Anchor has been a favourite among fishermen since 1974. It is a good anchor for smaller boats with good all around performance. Its featured ‘sliding Shank’ makes the chances of retrieval a lot higher should it get stuck. Comes with Trip-Release Shackle 1A – 2kg recommended for boats to 4 metres. 1B – 3kg recommended for boats to 5 metres. 2 – 3.75kg recommended for boats to 6 metres. 2A – 5.3kg recommended for boats to 7 metres. 3 – 8.5kg recommended for boats to 9 metres. 4 – 12kg recommended for boats to 10 metres. The recommendation is only a guide, if you are not sure talk to one of our staff.


  • shackle dee galv 10mm

    Condition: New SHACKLE DEE GALV 10MM

    Description 10mm Hot Dipped Commercial Shackle. Galvanised, WLL 320kg


  • seahorse winch buggy


    Description The Seahorse Winch Buggy is a simple 2-wheel buggy to carry the winch and Kontiki (the heavy bits) from the car to the water’s edge and if needed, along the beach.


  • berley mate s s weighted berley pot rope 30m


    Description Berley mate weighted berley pot with 30m rope. For Berley mate non refrigerated berley logs. Lower to 1m above the bottom and make sur you fish down the berley trail.


  • nacsan breakaway grapnel lead weighted incl chain


    Description The Nacsan Longline Galvanised Grapnel Anchor is ideal for smaller crafts such as dinghies, canoes and kayaks and for anchoring your longline. With its small fluke area, this anchor penetrates and works best in bottoms with heavy growth of weeds or grass. It hooks readily in rocky bottoms and may be rigged to pull out easily, crown first.


  • aftco goldfinger outrigger clip oc1


    Description Super lightweight design for outriggers. Numbered and graduated adjustment slider allows for a precise setting of release tension every time. Engineered not ot foul or tangle. The large diameter stainless steel wire bail is polished and coated in gold titanium nitride for less line wear and smoother releases. Extremely corrosion resistant composite and stainless construction. The AFTCO OC-1 Outrigger Release Clip should be attached directly to the outrigger halyard without the use of swivels. The adjustment-slider end of the clip needs to be “up” towards the tip of the outrigger. For fixed position bait trolling, the fishing line should be twisted 5 to 10 times before hooking loop over the clip’s bail. The line may also be passed over the bail without twists to allow for adjustment of baits or lures. 1 x Outrigger Release Clip per pack


  • hutchwilco fender 18 x 60cm grey

    Condition: New HUTCHWILCO FENDER 18 x 60cm GREY

    Description Manufactured using tough, UV resistant PVC, they are attractively finished a Charcoal Graphite.


  • cleat nylon ecl 163mm 6 1 2in black

    Condition: New CLEAT-NYLON ECL 163MM 6 1/2in BLACK

    Description CLEAT-NYLON ECL 163MM 6 1/2in BLACK


  • cleat nylon ecl 200mm 8in black

    Condition: New CLEAT-NYLON ECL 200MM 8in BLACK

    Description CLEAT-NYLON ECL 200MM 8in BLACK


  • sea harvester deep drop light disco


    Description Ideal when fishing in deep water, night fishing and low-light conditions


  • Condition: New Quick Tumbler Capstan Winch

    Description Warping Winches AISI Stainless steel 316 base and drum IP66 Motor watertight Anodized aluminium gearbox Standard version TB2 500 Motor power 500 W Motor supply voltage 12 V 24 V Maximum pull 660 Kg / 1455 lb Maximum working load 200 Kg / 441 lb 220 Kg / 485 lb Working load 65 Kg / 143,3 lb 70 Kg / 154,3 lb Current absorption @ working load (1) 80 A 40 A Maximum chain speed (2) 29 m/min95,1 ft/min 29 m/min95,1 ft/min Maximum chain speed @ working load (2) 19 m/min62 ft/min 21,7 m/min71,2 ft/min Ø Drum 105 mm / 4″ 9/64 Weight 7,6 Kg / 16,8 lb


  • shovel anchor 4 kg 316 stainless

    Condition: New SHOVEL ANCHOR 4 KG 316 STAINLESS

    Description The Shovel anchor is designed for maximum holding power, the roll aids in anchor setting. The Shovel anchor is made of high grade stainless steel for maximum tensile strenght. Its concave fluke design offers great holding power and deep penetration in most if not all sea beds. The shank has been designed specifically too aid in self launching on most bow sprits. The shovel has 2 eyes for bouyed retrieval lines and one eye for tandem anchoring. All this makes the Shovel anchor one of the most versatile anchors on the market.


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